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Jody Goldenfield NuNaturals Testimonial

We believe the best way to a healthy life is through the food we put into our bodies. That’s why we love when our customers are so ecstatic to share when they have amazing success stories kicking their sugar habits!

Meet Jody Goldenfield! She has spent the last 30 years focusing on eating healthy and staying fit along with keeping her family healthy and happy! Here’s what she had to say about our stevia:

My husband is not quite as fitness addicted as myself. He used to use sugar a lot rather than my stevia from your company. His blood work numbers were not the best last time around. As you know with stevia, you can use very little - just a couple drops - for a significant punch of sweetness taste. I managed to get him to change over to your stevia & cut out a lot of the sugar grams & it did help the numbers on his blood work come back significantly better!

Since we are older, this is so important. As people age, many get diabetes. Our goal in my home is to stay off medications as we age. I will be 59 next month. My husband will be 64. Neither of us are on any medications! Now you know I use all your wonderful products! Of course I exercise & eat healthy as well but my blood work is exceptional for my age!


Jody Goldenfield

Fit at 58


Alternative Sweeteners can be tricky to research because there are so many options out there. Not only that, but finding ones that are not harmful to your body can be frustrating especially when it’s something for the whole family. Our NuStevia is a great plant-based herbal sweetener for those trying to cut sugar from their diet or if you struggle with any health issues like diabetes.

If you would like to learn more about Jody Goldenfield, check out her Facebook page!

To The Sweet Life!

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