Pearl Buck Center & NuNaturals

Since its humble beginnings in 1953, Pearl Buck Center Inc. of Eugene and Springfield dedicates themselves to providing educational, recreational and career-focused opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Celebrating its 60th year, Pearl Buck Center operates three successful programs: Working for a Better life, Pearl Buck Preschool and the Life Enhancing Activities Program (LEAP). Working for a Better Life allows adults with developmental disabilities to earn a living wage and gain vocational training in the Pearl Buck production facility. 

Pearl Buck partners with NuNaturals to help package products, such as Dutch Process Cocoa Powder, Organic Green Banana Flour, Unflavored Gelatin, Collagen and more. NuNaturals is one of 18 companies that Pearl Buck works with to produce quality products locally.

In 2014, Pearl Buck presented NuNaturals with the "Business Partner of the Year Award-for continuing to provide workers with developmental disabilities the opportunity to increase their job skills and build self-esteem through meaningful contract work." Together, NuNaturals and Pearl Buck have created a partnership of nine years and counting. 

The friendly and enthusiastic staff at Pearl Buck work hard to always provide quality packaging and labeling. There is an unspoken trust that Pearl Buck can accommodate the needs of multiple companies and products with professionalism and ease. We at NuNaturals are fortunate to work with a fantastic organization that truly values its staff and community. 

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