Office Manager

Thank you for your interest in working with NuNaturals! 

NuNaturals is looking for an all-star Office Manager. You might be asking yourself, "Self, am I this Office Manager they are looking for?" To answer this question, you should decide if you're the type of person who is flexible, adaptable, and not afraid of wearing many different hats... like a ton of different hats. Sometimes you have two or three hats on at once, which can look kinda silly, but you just own it like it's no big deal.  

Your role as Office Manager is to create sweet relationships, find sweet solutions, and generally make life sweet. This includes for our team, our customers, our suppliers, that lost puppy in the parking lot... everybody!

You are the go-to individual for day-to-day office administration and the savior who can tackle special projects. You're not just a team player, you're a quarterback, coach, cheerleader, fan... sometimes you even sell the tickets. Wow, nice work! 

To flourish as our Office Manager, you need to be super organized. And you're organizing should make sense to everyone, not just you. In fact, your organizational superpowers make everyone else more organized. Teammates are flying through our company server thinking, "Wow, I am so good at finding places to put my files." You hear them and smile because you know that it is all thanks to you!

Your spirit animal is Microsoft Office and some might describe you as spreadsheet wizard. You are great at learning new software and crafting new processes. You can even train other folks on what you've learned. Gosh, you're a quick learner! 

Finally, you're super empathic and great at communication. Written, verbal, smoke signals and more. Customers come to you steaming mad and hang up laughing. Everyone's like "what just happened?! How'd you do that?" You brush it off like it's nothing and say, "Oh that's just Roger being Roger." 

Stuff that kind of goes without saying, but we'll put it down here anyway:

  • Must own reliable transportation
  • Must be a team-oriented and self-motivated individual
  • Must be eager, willing, creative, intelligent, compassionate, and have a strong work ethic

    We pay well and have awesome benefits like paid time off, a retirement plan, and tons of free delicious products BUT we do not offer health benefits at this time. 

    How to apply?

    Please email your resume and cover letter to with the title "Office Rockstar" and let us know why you think you're the best fit for this position. 

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