Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

This smoothie is based on a classic dessert, the famous Key Lime Pie. If you’re lucky enough to have access to real key limes or key lime juice, yours will be extra authentic and limey delicious!

Ingredients: Serves 1

  • 2 cups spinach
  • 2 bananas
  • finely grated zest of 2 limes (use a microplane to avoid the bitter pith)
  • juice of the 2 zested limes (about 2 tbsp)
  • 1 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp walnuts
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (the kind in a carton, not canned)
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1/4 tsp Vanilla NuStevia 2 oz (or to taste)


Save a pinch of oats and walnuts to top if desired, blend all remaining ingredients until smooth in a high-speed blender and top with reserved oats and nuts, if using.

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