Chocolate Mint Smoothie

This Chocolate Mint Smoothie is the perfect pick me up any time of the day! The refreshing light mint flavor mixed with the always delicious chocolate, makes this treat one of a kind. Using NuNaturals Vanilla Liquid Stevia  drops brings a new element which will please anyone's pallet.  


  Makes a 32 oz smoothie 

    1 cup unsweetened almond milk

    1/4 cold water

    2 large handfuls of fresh baby spinach 

    1 handful fresh mint leaves, stems removed *about a 1/4 of a big bunch* 

    2 large frozen bananas  *cut into slices* 

    1 1/4 cup crushed ice 

    1 1/2 cup cacoa nibs 

Now, place everything EXCEPT the cacoa nibs in the blender and process until it is smooth and creamy. Taste, and add more mint leaves, NuNaturals Stevia Drops, and ice if desired. Add cacoa nibs and blend for a just a second, just to break them up enough to fit into the straw. Pour into a cup and enjoy! 

A Nutmeg Notebook Creation

*Tami (on the left) and husband Toni (on the right)* 

Tami started Nutmeg Notebook because she was inspired by other recipe and wellness blogs. She loves sharing the recipes she creates for her family while also showing how she lives a healthy lifestyle. Tami is dedicated to to improving the way she eats and feeds her family. She is currently building off the healthy foundation she has already created and moving toward a more plant based diet. Meet the creator and find more recipes at

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