Bilberry Extract 2 oz
Bilberry Extract
Bilberry Extract 2 oz

A member of the Blueberry family, the active Bilberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) in NuNaturals Pure Liquid Bilberry is highly-quality, concentrated, and packed with powerful flavonoids and anthocyanin (natural antioxidants). Bilberry is widely used for vascular system health and improved eyesight and vision. NuNaturals Pure Liquid Bilberry is delivered in liquid form for the quickest, most effective absorption into the body.

Improved Vascular Health: Bilberry strengthens capillaries and increases circulation, and has been linked to maintaining blood sugar levels, leading to improved vascular health.

Improved Eyesight & Night Vision: The subject of many research studies, Bilberry has been linked to improved eyesight and night vision due to its ability to increase enzyme production in the retina, and accelerating the rate at which eyes adapt to changing light conditions.

A Natural Supplement: NuNaturals Pure Liquid Bilberry is made with Bilberry extract, glycerin made from sustainably-sourced palm oil, and water.

  • Bilberry Extract (Vaccinium myrtillus) (Berries) (60mg)
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Water

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