Our Team

Warren Sablosky

Founder & CEO

Warren enjoys playing guitar, competing on the tennis court, and long walks in his garden. He loves to experiment in the kitchen, creating or trying out new recipes with all of the delicious ingredients NuNaturals offers. 

Paula Sablosky


Paula has many hobbies and is a tremendous artist. She creates beautiful beadwork, crochet pieces, and has recently taken up woodworking. She loves gardening and landscaping, so you can generally find her in her yard moving large rocks or piles of dirt! 

Travis DeBacker

General Manager

Travis likes to play guitar and take walks around beautiful Eugene with his wife. He is a do-it-yourselfer, always working on a fun new project in his home or around the office. He is a coffee lover and always adds just little bit of Vanilla NuStevia. 

Ron Redding

VP Sales & Marketing "Sugar-Free Poppa" 

Ron likes to fish, boat, and spend time with his kids and grandkids. He is always trying to spread the word further about NuNaturals and promote sound nutrition practices, eating healthy, and consuming less refined sugar. 

Gwen Smith

Account Manager

Gwen likes to garden and bake up all kinds of delicious sugar-free treats. Gwen has been on the "paleo" diet for many years and swears by the effects it has on your health and energy. Gwen is NuNaturals longest standing employee, coming up on 20 years! 

Scott Willis

Shipping Coordinator

Scott loves cheering on THE University of Oregon Ducks, listening to great sound systems, and driving fast cars. He puts together all of your NuNaturals packages with love and care!  

Jake Sablosky

VP Business Development 

Jake is a born and raised Oregonian. He loves everything about the Northwest: the outdoors, fresh local food, and the large selection of craft microbrews and ciders. He grows a vegetable garden every summer, a habit he picked up from his mom. He also makes many home ferments with the harvest, including sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir (sweetened with NuStevia). 

Amanda Phillips

Office Coordinator 

Amanda loves playing with her kids and teaching them about living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She has a flock of chickens at home, each with their own unique personality. She loves trying out all of NuNaturals products, and sharing them with friends and family. 

John Dosch

Logistics Coordinator

John likes cooking and eating great food, sampling many of the great Pacific Northwest beers, and cheering on the "MLS Cup Champion" Portland Timbers Soccer Club. He is also an experienced mixologist who loves creating delicious cocktails with NuStevia Simple Syrup. 

Lara Depietro

Account Manager

Lara loves music, food, nature, and being with friends and family. She likes to grow and make as much of her own foods as possible, from making a gourmet dinner for her and her husband, canning produce, making her own pasta, to making cheese and yogurt from scratch, or keeping a flock of chickens and garden. She also loves to be outdoors in winter or summer.

Janice Stephenson

Account Manager

Janice enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, camping and exercising with her dogs. But her big passion is creating new recipes and then sharing with friends. She loves to dine, her perfect evening would be going out to dinner and slowly working through the menu sampling chef choices. She says it is best when you dine with someone who enjoys family style dining. That way you get to try more!