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Baking Substitution Tips & Tricks

If you're like us, you've been baking more. A LOT more. Some recipes may require equipment you don't have on hand. Don't let that stop you! Here are some hacks for making do with what you've got without leaving home:

  • No rolling pin? A wine bottle works just as well!
  • Baking a pie that calls for blind baking the crust? Use rice or dried beans instead of weights.
  • Want to bake keto mini donuts? Make cylinders out of aluminum foil and center them in a regular muffin pan to create your own doughnut pan.
  • No cookie cutters? Use a pint glass, a mason jar lid ring, or make drop cookies instead.
  • Biscuits call for buttermilk? Use lemon juice, vinegar, yogurt, or cream of tartar added to milk to make buttermilk easily.
  • Missing an ingredient? Here's a New York Times article with easy substitutions for everything from allspice to turmeric.