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Coupon Policy

Common questions about coupon codes.

Coupons only apply to retail orders submitted through

Current Coupons

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Can coupon codes be applied to subscription orders (Subscribe & Save)?
Since the subscription plan is already discounted, monetary discounts cannot be applied. 

How do I use my code on my coupon?
To redeem a coupon code, enter the coupon code during the checkout process. Only one coupon can be used per purchase. Coupon codes may not be applied towards the products on sale.

How to Use NuNaturals Coupon Code

I forgot to use my coupon with my purchase. Can you give me a credit?
Coupons can't be applied after the purchase is complete. If you forgot to use your coupon code and it is now expired, watch for new coupons and offers in the future. If the coupon code is not expired, please use the coupon code on your next order.

Can I use more than one coupon at a time?
No. You can redeem only one coupon at a time. Usage is also subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon.

Can I use an expired coupon?
Expired coupons can't be used. Each coupon code has an expiration date. If you are having issues with a coupon, please contact customer service at 800-753-4372.

What if a coupon makes the order total fall below the free shipping minimum?
If the total falls below the free shipping minimum using the coupon, the free shipping will not be applied.