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A Chat With Our Founder, Warren Sablosky

Before founding NuNaturals, Warren Sablosky's passion for natural foods and an entrepreneurial spirit resulted in many ventures from a line of all-fruit popsicles to a pizza cookbook. What began over thirty years ago as a line of supplements has grown into the full selection of delicious sugar-free syrups, sweeteners, and baking products that we're proud to share with the world.

Check in on the NuNaturals team, learn more about the NuNaturals story, and discover some surprising facts about Warren. Did you know he's played music since he was 13?!

How is NuNaturals supporting employees through the pandemic?

Since day one in mid-February, we have put controls in place. Separating work zones that keep people apart by distances much greater than 6 feet. We have been working remotely for years and have had all the systems in place for years that allow us to function as a group connecting all staff members remotely. At least half of the staff work remotely.

Why did you start NuNaturals?

After starting a natural product food business in 1979 that produced 100% fruit popsicles, soy food products, and food bars, I started a publishing company in 1981. I moved on to turn around a troubled supplement company that is still healthy today. While at that company before there was an internet, we were researching products by connecting to European databases with nutritional research by modem! With the knowledge gained through this research, I realized how important nutritional supplements would be to managing people's health in the future. Wanting to start my own company, I ventured out in 1989 to start NuNaturals. My goal was to produce products that had measurable results; products that people would see results in their health or performance within a short period of time. When the FDA approved Stevia to be sold in the USA as a dietary supplement, I jumped at the chance to market an alternative to sugar and other sweeteners. Once the FDA approved Stevia to be sold as a sweetener in 2013, NuNaturals evolved into a food product company. I am really excited to be creating new healthy naturals foods that I believe will help people create healthier diets.

How would you describe the NuNaturals culture?

NuNaturals feels like a family. People work cooperatively and help each other. Definitely not a cutthroat corporate experience. People walk the talk. They eat healthily and are living healthy lifestyles.

What's something most people don't know about NuNaturals?

Even though our products are used by millions of people, we are still a family business. We currently have 16 staff members operating the company. Of course, we have hundreds of people working with the company through other companies such as brokers who are out in the field servicing and representing our products to stores.

What's something most people don't know about you?

I love to play tennis and play competitively on USTA teams. The last thing I do before I go to bed is play music, usually guitar. I have been playing some instrument or another since I have been 13. Playing for 15 minutes or sometimes longer before I sleep completes my day making it full.

What's your favorite product and how do you use it?

Pumpkin Spice Concentrated Syrup! It does amazing things in coffee. A close runner up is Vanilla Concentrated Syrup. The Vanilla Pourable Syrup is made from real vanilla bean, not a natural flavor. It is incredibly strong and tasty. Amazing in unsweetened yogurt. 1/4 tsp will completely sweeten and give a fragrant and strong vanilla flavor to anything you put it in. Love them both.