Warren Sablosky’s Natural Foods Journey


Our natural foods journey began in the most unlikely of places, the suburbs of Philadelphia. A young, then vegetarian, Warren Sablosky started making tofu in his family's kitchen after not being able to find any at local stores. Nature, culture and a great adventure eventually drew Warren out west to beautiful Eugene, Oregon where a like-minded community encouraged him to continue with his passion for delicious food and natural living. After Paula and Warren were married, the two set out to craft natural foods starting first with a line of all fruit popsicles. The toiling continued, eventually resulting in everything from a pizza cookbook to soy french fries.


NuNaturals began with supplements and the mission of “Helping To Keep You Well”. Warren dedicated himself to work and family, devoting time, effort and intention to creating healthy and holistic products to support a natural lifestyle. It was only after a fated meeting when Warren discovered Stevia as a delicious plant based alternative to sugar that NuNaturals took a turn toward the sweeter side of life.


Today, Warren and Paula are joined by their son Jake, and a group of smiling team members who have become a part of the NuNaturals family. We believe that the path to wellness starts with the food and supplements that we consume. And that is why today NuNaturals offers a wide selection of all natural, plant-based sweeteners and baking ingredients.

“Each year business and the industry keeps getting better and better. Society as a whole has been evolving to a better diet and becoming more knowledgeable about how to get and stay healthy. The last 30 years has been a truly a great journey.”