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Don’t Be Fooled by Honey and Agave

If you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, chances are you’ve heard that sugar is public enemy number one.

Drill into the topics and you’ll learn there are lots of different kinds of sugar. Glucose, found in most foods, fuels our cells and we can’t survive without it. On the other side of the sugar spectrum is fructose. It‘s found in cane and beet sugar, fruits, vegetables, and honey. And it is making us very sick.

The human body can’t process fructose, so it accumulates as fat in our livers. A little bit of fructose in our diets from nutrient dense foods like apples and sweet potatoes won’t overtax the liver. But, a constant diet of added sugar, and suddenly your liver is compromised.

A disease called nonalcoholic liver disease is on the rise. A high fructose diet causes the same amount of fat deposits in a liver as is typically seen in alcoholics. High consumption of fructose has also been tied to increased risk of heart disease, premature aging and skin wrinkles, increased risk of cancer, and increased risk of diabetes.

Fructose is killing us.

If you can eliminate fructose from your diet, you can reverse the effects of liver disease.

Often, honey, agave, and maple syrup are touted as healthier choices to cane sugar. Don’t be fooled! They are the same beast: sugar, and very high in fructose.

Anyone who’s quit sugar and braved the miserable detox can tell you, that stuff is addictive. The first days are spent imagining how to invade Dairy Queen. With a substance as addictive as cocaine, moderation is not an option.

Is the only solution to live without any sweetness?

The good news is no. Please meet stevia.

Stevia is a plant that’s 200 times sweeter than sugar with NO fructose and NO calories. It is native to Brazil and Paraguay, and has been used there medicinally and culinarily for centuries. You can even grow it in your home garden.

Stevia has been approved by the FDA. It is available in liquid and powdered form, and in delicious flavors like Cocoa Mint Syrup and Alcohol Free Vanilla.

Start with our tried and true recipes like our Cocoa Coconut Cream Pie or Chocolate Raspberry Mousse. For a celebration, mix up a batch of Sugar Free Grapefruit Margaritas.

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