Gelicious Unflavored Gelatin 1 LB


Nutrition Facts

  • Bovine (Beef) Gelatin

Gelicious Unflavored Gelatin Nutrition Facts

  • OPTIMUM BODY HEALTH - An outstanding source of protein, collagen, proline, and glycine; an amino acid cocktail
  • NO ADDITIVES, zero fat, zero carbs, and zero sugars.
  • A GREAT WAY TO MAKE DELICIOUS FUN DESSERTS - like cheesecake and fruit filled jellies and gummies.
  • Like extra thick puddings, soups and sauces? Add a little Gelatinous Gelatin and be amazed--and no unwanted extra flavors!
  • Proudly distributed by Unnatural, whose mission, "Helping to Keep You Well” is achieved through their entire product line of healthy food products.

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Customer Reviews

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