Thin Mint Protein Cups | Vegan, Gluten-Free

High protein cookie cups that are the perfect hybrid of two favorite childhood sweets- thin mint cookies and Hershey’s cookies n’ cream chocolate bars! Vegan friendly, gluten free and healthier than any...

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How To: Green Juice in a Blender | Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan

This fabulous green juice recipe couldn't be easier and it only needs a blender and a strainer. It's perfect for mornings when you want to whip up something quick and refreshing in...

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Maple Bacon Wrapped Green Beans | Keto, Low-Carb, Paleo

Many holiday side dishes are carb-heavy, but this tasty green bean recipe is not one of them. The glaze can be on the spicier or sweeter side depending on your preference. Ingredients: 10...

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Salted Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake (For Two)

This paleo and gluten-free cake recipe from Krysten's Kitchen can be made in the oven or microwave! Krysten used our Pourable Maple Syrup to make this recipe devilishly delicious without adding sugar....

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Grain Free Protein Cake

Kat over at Katalyst Health created this delicious cake, and wow it is amazing! It's perfect as a little snack after your workout or for a sweet treat after dinner. Ingredients:  1 (15 oz)...

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Protein Zucchini Mug Cake

Need to get a little more protein in your diet? Why not do it with cake?! Kat here with another delicious recipe that you have to try! Ingredients:  3 tablespoons oat flour...

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Frosted Gingerbread Baked Oatmeal

Kat here again with an amazing holiday recipe, frosted gingerbread baked oatmeal! Ingredients: ½ cup gluten-free oats ¼ cup almond milk 2 tablespoons plain coconut milk yogurt 1 teaspoon NuNaturals Ginger Syrup [plain...

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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Latte

You're probably asking yourself, do you drink or eat this? Some of us at NuNaturals drink it, others eat it. Either way, we definitely recommend trying this delicious recipe created by our...

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Loaded Brownie Sundae

A brownie sundae that is dairy free and gluten free must be too good to be true? Jayme (@fit_n_clean_mama) didn't think so and made this delicious brownie heaven! Ingredients: 3/4 cup Organic...

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